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Understanding the temperature of your hand

An individual fingerprint which shows the current

state of your rheumatoid arthritis.

Fact 1

„Clinical remission as early as possible leads to improved clinical outcomes and quality of life, and helps prevent further structural damage, functional impairment, and job loss"

Cf. Combe et al. (2016)

Fact 2

"In some intensive treatment programs for early RA, more than 70% of patients achieved remission, whereas in other intensive treatment programs for established RA, less than 10% of patients achieved remission."

Cf. Hughes et al. (2018)

Fact 3

It was possible to statistically significantly predict the intensity degree change in the disease course of RA for the next 12 months using hand temperature measurements.

Cf. Greenwald et al. (2016)

Fact 4

"Statistically significant RA patients could be distinguished from healthy individuals using hand temperature measurements "

Cf. Pauk et al. (2019)

"Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is key to preventing irreversible joint damage, reducing the risk of long-term disability, and improving patient outcomes."

Dr. Salahuddin Kazi, Rheumatologist.


1 / How long does the measurement take?

Including the preparation time, the measurement takes 5 min. During the measurement, it is monitored that all parameters have been recorded correctly. Only in the event of hand movements during recording, a second measurement may be required, which then takes a few minutes longer.

2 / Is the measurement painful?

The measurement itself is non-invasive and does not cause you any pain. It is probably the fastest and most convenient measurement method currently available for the diagnostic purpose of RA.

3 / Is the measurement hygienic?

We place the highest demands on technical safety and hygiene. From the prototype stage onwards, we are already obliged to comply with the relevant regulations and to monitor quality and hygiene assurance measures. Technical and medical safety is our top priority.

4 / How long will people have to wait for an appointment to take a measurement in the future?

Our goal is to increase the remission rate for RA to the already proven best value of 70%. For this, it is necessary to detect the disease at an early stage. Early stage means within a time window of 2 weeks to 3 months. We aim to achieve a measurement within 2 weeks of an appointment.

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