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Early detection of rheumatism through latest technology

25,000 new patients are diagnosed with RA in Germany each year

but only about 10% of all RA patients reach remission

7 X more RA patients can achieve remission with early treatment

we aim to diagnose RA within 2 weeks after first contact


Understanding the

temperature of your hand


Measuring the temperature of your hand

(coming soon)

Use the temperature insights to improve life

(coming soon)

AI-powered technology for early rheumatic detection utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning models to identify potential signs of rheumatic diseases, leading to prompt intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Join our team

We are building all our prototypes and

code all our software inhouse to test and

validate as fast as possible.


With the right team and the possible applications, we are going to push the boundaries of early diagnostics.


Oliver Kuschel, Managing Director at Anthropia gGmbH

"When Medirion joined our community in January 2023, we were particularly intrigued by their rapid development approach to hardware development. With our Create-Up program, we support Medirion via our learning and networking platform to become business ready as quickly as possible."

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